Three Men (& some friends)

Brothers in Arms – Three Boyd brothers

Born in the Wimmera, Victoria, the two older boys  Malcolm and John enlisted together on 9 Sep 1914, their younger brother, Archibald (centre) enlisted on 17 June 1915.  They found themselves together in Cairo about 1915-1916 and posed for this photograph. How delighted their mother would have been to receive this, but more delighted when they all returned home safely. Any military expert who happens to read this might know why Archibald is wearing a different hat, maybe a different Regiment.

Lachlan's Sons WW1

Three pipers

Members of the Minyip Pipe Band , Allan in the centre was the Chief of the Caledonian Society, his sons John Alexander Boyd and William Boyd on either side.

Boyd JA, Allan & William

Three young men of Minyip, Victoria all dressed up with their waistcoats and watch chains, but no hats. Taken in the 1920’s. J. Brockley who worked in the Union Bank, Bernie Pingel who worked in the Commercial Bank, and Roy Penny who was working in the draper’s department of the Don Store.

Men of Minyip

Also in the Minyip three Penny brothers who ran a General Store/Newsagency, maybe taken about 1938. Their store burnt down and they were offered temporary accommodation in the Phillips  Co-operative Store.

Roy, Alex and Hal


Here they are a little younger

Penny bros young

Three more young men from Minyip – a generation earlier 

John Alexander and William Boyd, seated and their prospective brother-in-law  Allan McRae taken in a Studio in Melbourne. But Allan’s proposed marriage to their sister did not take place, and now I wear her ring. And what do you think J.A (as he was always known to the family) might be holding in his hand?

Boyd, McRae, Boyd

Dressed for a Funeral maybe, certainly there appears to be a cemetery in the background.

Richard Penny on the left farmed in various localities in North West Victoria.

Penny Richard

Four Generations of Penny men of North West Victoria ca 1950

Richard George and Richard Albert standing, Richard 1st nursing Bruce Richard. What a proud moment for him.

Penny Richard family

Four for the price of three – I am cheating a little here because I think it is such a lovely photo. Four farmer’s sons from Yaapeet, Victoria posed with their sister before going to war. Only 2 of them came home.

Cowan family 2Lawrence Geoffrey Cowan 1921 -1943, d POW Siam; Allan Charles Cowan 1916-2006; Elva Jean Cowan 1912 -1982; Alexander Boyd Cowan; 1918-1987 Ronald James Cowan; 1914-1942 d. Rabaul.


22 thoughts on “Three Men (& some friends)

    • Thanks for your welcome. I have 2 small brown cases of Minyip related photos so maybe there will be some more posts but I haven’t really embraced the blogging community with great vigour as yet

  1. What a wonderful set of family photographs each telling its own story. I especially found moving the one of the three brothers taken in Cairo. How pleased their mother must have been to receive it!

  2. Your have done yourself proud! What a marvelous post – especially that second photo, I do love a man in a kilt! And yes, welcome to Sepia Saturday!!!

  3. This is quite a collection to map out. It was good to see the subtle difference between the two military photos from different wars. For the one with the boy holding the rolled paper in his hand i usually associate that prop with a graduation photo.

  4. There is something rather special about photographs of groups of three – they always appear more relaxed that either photographs of two people or individuals. The participants can begin to lose their inhibitions in a crowd I suppose.

  5. Welcome to Sepia Saturday from another who grew up in North West Vic – Longerenong, near Horsham. Wasn’t born there though but many ancestors from Western District.
    Look forward to seeing more from your suitcase of photos

  6. Hi Marcia
    I saw a comment of yours on Sharon Fritz’s blog so followed it here to yours. I love the Boyd photos in this post and I’ll keep looking through your blog for more. I don’t remember if I had a blog when last we spoke but the link is here if you want to have a look.

    🙂 Kylie 🙂 (distant Boyd relly)

    • Nice to hear from you, glad you are still interested in the family history research. I’m not really a blogger, just joined up to this Sepia Saturday site so i could share the photos I have when it is appropriate. Have you seen these photos on Flickr?

      Elizabeth Jane Boyd

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