Climbing up a Mountain

SS Mar1No telescope, no famous composer, just a three generation family climbing the highest mountain in Australia, Mt Kosciusko is all I have to offer from my personal archives this week.

Kosciusko 1

The littlest one needed to be carried on Dad’s back

Kosciusko 2

This is the way to go Grandma.

Kosciusko 3

Worth the hike and very small binoculars, not a telescope.

Exploring at the summit.


12 thoughts on “Climbing up a Mountain

  1. I haven’t quite got the hang of this yet, when it leaves my computer it’s got a Sepia Saturday Logo on the top, but it seems to have wandered off into the ether. Apologies to those who don’t like colour photos.

  2. The view from the top at 7310 feet is spectacular, but the mountains there are so bare. In the Sierra Nevadas we have thick stands of trees up to around 9000 feet. And I, for one, like color pictures! No need to apologize.

  3. We climbed up there once and almost got caught in bad weather on the way down. Even though it was summer, it can be quite unpredictable. No problem with colour photos,

  4. The “sepia” in our meme is simply for alliteration, so color photos are indeed welcome. I enjoyed climbing the mountain with you — I didn’t even get winded.

  5. Not to worry about color photos I shared that this week too…Mt. Kosciusko for the Polish musician? How was he known is Australia. if so tht really links the music to the mountains..

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