Sepia Saturday – Floods

Nothing in the little brown case this week that looks like a flood so this week’s image comes from the family album.

It was September 1964, the baby was left with Grandma and we hired a caravan and hitched it up behind the little Simca Aronde we had then. Mildura was our destination and we set up camp in the Apex Park caravan park. We had a few pleasant days sight seeing with the friends who were also caravanning with us. Then one night it rained all night, and although we were beside the Murray River, it didn’t flood but the rain just wasn’t draining away, and when we woke up we appeared to be sitting in the middle of a lake.

Our friend came to visit to see what our thoughts were on the situation, and being a tidy housewife she left her thongs on the step before coming in. When she came to leave the water had risen more and they had floated away!

The photo shows us hitching up to move to higher ground, myself and theĀ little tacker peering out the back window. I suppose we remembered to pull out the power connection before we moved; and interesting to note now there is only one tail light on the van – vans mustn’t have had traffiicator lights in those days.Apex Park

It will be interesting to read what slant other contributors have taken on this weeks theme – their contributions may be read hereThene photo



13 thoughts on “Sepia Saturday – Floods

  1. I don’t know about you, but I’d call that a flood! I’d loved to have seen the expression on the friend’s face when she discovered her flip-flops had floated away. Hopefully everyone laughed. You need a spot of humor in situations like that.

  2. Oh my, I now know that there are two types of thongs, I guess I always called them flip flops….Must have been quite a camping trip with all that water around you.

    • Goodness I never thought of the other meaning for thong – hopefully there’s a difference between thong singular and thongs plural. They’re always thongs in Oz.

  3. Great photo to share. I’ve sometimes thought that caravans might float quite well, if only their doors were watertight.

  4. Hah! Great photo and post. I have many memories of camping trips and they always seem to involve rain. The last one was pretty hairy. I thought we were going to float away there was so much rain. It was raining leeches if I remember!

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