Sepia Saturday 19th April 2014 – Gardens

For me gardens and friendship are synonymous

– from a very early age I was going to public gardens with my parents to spend time with friends and family.

These first photos were taken in October 1942  beside the fountain in the Castlemaine (Victoria)  Botanic Gardens. Harry Yench, as he was known to the family, had enlisted in 1940 and perhaps was on leave when these photographs were taken. My mother has very smart buckles on her shoes. The fountain dates back to 1878.

Castlemaine Gardens 1942Castlemaine is in the area known as the Central Goldfields in Victoria, Australia. After the gold rushes of the 1850’s were over these provincial towns were keen to show how they were prospering and establishing a public garden was one way of doing this and generally a Curator who had trained in England was the person responsible for doing the groundwork.

Castlemaine Gardens are still well respected as being of historical significance with the diversity of plants and the age of the trees.

Another town in this area which also established a Botanic Garden at the same time was Ballarat. A much grander garden than Castlemaine it receives many visitors each year for a Begonia Festival. It also has many beautiful statues including the lion (one of a pair) donated in 1893.

We shared time there with friends in 1954

Ballarat Gardens 1954We still use public gardens today as a meeting place to spend time with friends, so I am just going to slip in here now some recent photos – which of course are part of my personal history, which we’ve visited in recent years. Maybe you might like seeing some places you have not yet visited yourself.

The Southern Highlands Region of NSW in Australia is a cool climate area south west of Sydney long used by Sydney residents as a summer holiday spot. Many beautiful homes and gardens were built there which from time to time open their grounds for public viewing. One of these is the Fifth Chapter Estate winery and Gardens near Bowral and we spent time there with friends in October 2012.Fifth Estate Gardens1 IMG_2877 IMG_2880

and last year on the other side of the world we met up with friends from the south coast of England, at the Sir Harold Hillier Gardens near Romsey in Hampshire. These are ‘modern’ gardens – being established in the 1950’s Each year they host an Art in The Gardens display, and although the gardens themselves are spectacular, in this post to add a little variety, I will just feature a few of the sculptures that took my eye.Hillier Gardens 3
Hillier Gardens Hillier Gardens 2 Hillier Gardens 4And on a very personal note this is what we purchased in 2003

For sale

and by 2007Garden Oct  08 001and if you’ve hung in thus far we can both be rewarded as I honour the theme of a man watching a woman work in a garden.Establishing the garden 1but I must give credit where credit is due and he took a turn too – much to my shame as he was visiting from Canada, we had only just met them and would never meet face to face again but it just reinforces my theme

Gardens and friendship go hand in hand.

Home Garden workers 2

I look forward now to seeing what other contributors have posted for SS Gardens


15 thoughts on “Sepia Saturday 19th April 2014 – Gardens

  1. Some public gardens get neglected – there are a few of those in our town – and I think it takes a forward looking council to keep that interest up.

  2. I think those same sculptures in the Hillier Gardens that caught your eye, would also have caught mine. They’re wonderful. But I especially love the scene of the pond seen through the hedged arbor. Pictures like that fire the imagination. What more would you see if you could walk through the arbor to the other side? Or what might be beyond that bend in the road in another sort of picture.

  3. Trees here keep just falling over. They are very tall and huge and fall on houses. If I’d known this when we bought the house, I would have looked for something like your low landscaped house with the one short tree. Very improved from the just built house.

    • Well we’re 7 years further on since that photo was taken and the trees have taken on a bit of height, but the ground is so rocky that they will never grow very tall.

  4. It seems a bit cool by the fountain which I imagine was turned off for the season. I like the before and after photos of your home. Perhaps in 100 years they will feature in another blog.

  5. That’s a good reminder about gardens being a sign of a town’s prosperity. The arts, beauty, and leisure come when there’s time and money, after the necessities are in place. I enjoyed all your photos, particularly the garden sculptures. I like adding little sculptures to my own flower beds.

  6. Lovely pictures, and well done on matching the prompt! I used to my class to the Hillier Gardens in the 1990s and there were always such good educational activities there.

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