Sepia Saturday 3rd May 2014 Funny Poses

We don’t celebrate May Day in Australia so I wasn’t planning to post to this week’s theme but as often happens when I was looking for something else I found this photo of a group of men. I don’t know who they are or where it was taken but it came out of the little brown suitcase so must have had some significance to the previous generation.

What do you think they are planning to do? I imagine  there has been a gathering at the house of one of them and one of them has come up with a bright idea – but what could it be? I don’t think the cat looks dead so they’re not planning to bury the cat – but what will they do to with the spade and the tommy axe or is it a mallet? and what is the young man on the left holding in his hand?Group of men


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23 thoughts on “Sepia Saturday 3rd May 2014 Funny Poses

  1. They are a bunch of likely looking lads aren’t they? I think the bloke on the left is holding a box brownie but I can’t be sure. I do hope it is nothing to do with the cat.

    • No, the photo is a puzzle – no one in Kelvin’s line in it unless that is a Penny man on the right hand end, but not his father or grandfather. We will be in the Wimmera next week so hope to go and refresh our minds what the old family homes look like.

  2. They may be smiling, but it’s a sort of smugly wicked sort of smile, & the one fellow (in the center) IS kind of eyeing the cat. I do hope they were just funnin’ around!

  3. The three in the middle look like triplets. I think the cat suspects something and is plotting a fast getaway. The photo reeks of wonderfully fake drama. I love it.

  4. They look like businessmen. Maybe partners celebrating an event. The spade could be an accessory to a ceremonial ground breaking,and the man on the left may hold a time capsule box for the cornerstone.

  5. I would love to enlarge the photo to be able to see details more clearly…. You might be able to tell what the men are holding. This is truly one of those photographs where you have to appreciate it for itself if you don’t know who the men are, where they are, what year it is, or what they’re holding. What a puzzle!

    • Yes we have tried to magnify it but just lost the detail in a blur, even tried the old fashioned way with a magnifying glass on the original photo.

  6. Maybe a hi res scan of just the signs in the window and door and the plaque on the porch might give some clues. The print might not be clear enough even then.

  7. They are outside for a smoke break because the women of the house forbid it inside… and while out there the plan is to have a drink or two or three.

  8. Yeah, I wish, like others, that we could see this larger….
    As I told you elsewhere on how to scan your pictures,
    perhaps one day, we’ll get a full view of what these guys were up to.
    The cat seemed unconcerned and they usually can feel when something is wrong,
    so, I’m not worried the least bit about the cat….

    • I don’t understand this part of the comment “As I told you elsewhere on how to scan your pictures,” My scanner software gives me the option to scan for print or display – I choose display for these posts.

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