Sepia Saturday 17th May 2014 Sand, Surf and Sailor suits

These three photos all probably taken in the forties – different places, different families.

Fred Penny on the left lived in Glenelg, South Australia so why he and a friend were at Beachport, about 200 km to the south east I don’t know, but they obviously thought they should dress well for the occasion with waistcoats and watch chains. They certainly look very relaxed.Fred Penny & friend at Beachport

Whereas this young man at Portland Victoria was much better prepared to tackle the surf – with a hired surfboard probably made from marine plywoodKelvin surfboardMy mum had made this little dress with a sailor suit theme – in navy and white. Taken in front of the Castlemaine Reformatory.Marcia & TeddyMore stories and photos with a seaside theme at Ss May 17


8 thoughts on “Sepia Saturday 17th May 2014 Sand, Surf and Sailor suits

  1. Cute ‘sailor’ dress and I love the teddy all dressed up in that neat wagon – but I can’t quite figure out what or who is behind teddy?

  2. Fred and his mate were both pipe smokers too, I see. What a great photo. The photographer had probably never heard of the ‘Rule of Thirds’ but this is a fine example.

    • I don’t think I’ve heard of the Rule of Thirds since Art Classes at High School, and i would love to know who the third person was on this outing who took the photo.

    • Thanks Jackie – do you know I’ve never considered the composition of these old family photos before – just looked at them as family members and looked for likenesses, or slotted them into the Tree.

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