Weddings in Australia-1895-1993

From the Little Brown Suitcase this week comes firstly four generations of Penny men and their brides – I’m letting the photos do the talking this week so leave it to you to notice the difference in styles. If I write too much I won’t have room for further images from my collection. Clicking on the image will display a large version.

George (1905)  his three sons Hal (1932), Roy (1932) and Alex (1945), Roy’s’ son Kelvin (1960), Kelvin’s son Stephen in England  (1993)

GeorgeHalRoy AlexKelvinStephen

The earliest wedding photos I have are from the 1890’s

James Penny and Betsy McSwain in 1895


Anne Penny and Jack McQuinn in 1896Penny-McQuinn

Moving on now to the early 1900’s 3 of the 4 Boyd sisters  I featured in my sisters and hats post were married at this time, and you will see some more large hats here too.

Ann Boyd & Phil Craine 1906, Bella Boyd & Alex Dowler 1908, Jane Boyd & James Cowan 1911 all married at the property of their parents ‘Ardnamurchan’ near Minyip, Victoria

Boyd AnnBella


The guests at Jane and James Wedding – interesting striped hat on the lady sitting front right.

Jane guests

The bride chose to wear a large hat for her wedding day – Emily Dowler and James Marshall 1912


Moving in to the 1920’s I love this wedding group photo of Amy Boyd and Alf Woodward on their wedding day. I wonder if the attendants got the chance to kick up their heels on the dance floor.


And I’ll finish with a non traditional bride of the 1950’s as I think she looks so stylish and seems to have a most unusual flower spray on her lapel. Sadie  Harrington and Henry Penny in Bendigo in 1952.

1952 Henry Penny & Sadie Harrington

I do realize that looking at the photos of brides from other family albums is not everyone’s cup of tea or glass of Fizz so for the devotees I’ve also posted more from my collection at Flickr if you open one then you can scroll through the others.

I’m sure there will be some more interesting slants on the wedding day to view atSS Weddings


9 thoughts on “Weddings in Australia-1895-1993

  1. A wonderful selection of photos. The brides in your family certainly had great style. I cannot choose a favourite dress as they are all wonderful.
    Most of the ladies are wearing very big hats in Jane & James’ wedding!

  2. Beautiful wedding pictures. I adore so many of the many hair styles, especially in the first photo you often saw that high full style. Their flowers always so many, with extremely large bouquets!

  3. Oh my goodness, you have so many lovely clear wedding photographs from the past, whereas I have hardly any, and no group wedding photographs at all. I love the fact that even the baby is wearing a hat, and that the bell almost looks like the ladies’ hats there.. That tradition of the groom being seated with the bride standing ‘in attendance’ is very clear here.

  4. What a wonderful collection of brides and grooms down through the ages! Loved them all. And yes, I too noticed how much larger the brides’ & bridesmaids’ bouquets were in comparison to most today. My daughter actually went for faux flower bouquets because she was able to have such beautiful ones for so much less & everyone had a keepsake afterward.

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