Reflections – seen (scene – pardon the pun) and hidden. and a little paddling too.

So the pretty pictures first – a selection of reflections on water taken on our travels around Oz.

In the fifties the Warracknabeal High School held their swimming sports at this spot on the Yarriambiac Creek Relays were swum across the creek.

Swimming hole on Yarriambiac Creek

Junee, NSW 2014

Happy hour at Junee

Nelligen River, NSW March 2013IMG_2953



Grandsons at Bateman’s Bay NSW

Boys Bateman's Bay

Murrumbidgee River at Balranald, NSW


This one sent to us by family – grandsons and friends at a mountain lake in the Snowy Mountains, NSW. They had ridden the bikes up the mountainboys & friendsThis one of an earlier generation – it was 1962 and we were having a camping holiday in the Grampians in Victoria – a borrowed tent and camping equipment – he slept on 2 directors chairs pushed together with cushions from our lounge suite as a mattress, I was heavily pregnant and slept in the Simca with the seat laid back. I do remember the possums at night on the roof. This was his first ever venture into a large pool of water (Lake Lonsdale)  – a few tentative steps. (These both my first attempt of scanning slides) Stephen 1962And then dad came in too.Kelvin & Stephen 1962-1

Seven years later we were at Port Fairy in Victoria and with a sister and friends to play with and Grandma and Grandpa watching on, he was more adventurous. No visible reflections here but maybe some of the adults are reflecting on when they were young and enjoyed paddlingPort Fairy 1969-1

Port Fairy 1969-2

While we were at Port Fairy that year the Fishing Tackle shop burnt down and although we were all non fishers we took advantage of their Fire Sale to buy a fishing rod. He was putting it to good use at Cumberland River west of Lorne  on the south coast of Victoria in 1972. The reflection here maybe ‘Hope I catch something today’Cumberland River 1973

Even without a fishing line there is something soothing about watching the ocean and letting the thoughts meander, (and maybe enjoy an Icy Pole or Crisps). These snaps are of his grandparents shortly before he was born as they enjoyed their annual retreat in Portland, Western Victoria.

Portland 1962-1

Portland 1962-2

The grandchildren were doing the same at Cumberland River some years later.

August 1972

and finally a different type of paddling for the newest generation as these Nippers (Lifesavers in Training) prepare to tackle the waves at Tathra, NSW in March 2014IMG_0863

So now time to take a look at other Reflections in SS June 28


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