Handshakes, Pipes and Fence Sitting

Politicians are very thin on the ground in our family snaps, and I can’t manage pipes, hand shakes and fence sitting all in one photograph.

So taken separately for handshakes best I have to offer is the children receiving swimming trophies from the Eastern Beach Swimming Club in Geelong in the Seventies. They both continued on with swimming so the 5.30 am starts were worth it in the long term. She became a competent Triathlete and competed in several Iron man contests, he continues to swim for fitness and relaxation, the next challenge is the Cala Montgo Swim Festival in Spain in September.

Stephen swimming trophy 1976Susan Swimming Trophy 1976

Pipe smoking seemed to have been prepared for when quite young. This is Kelvin about 1940 in Minyip VicKelvin

and by the seventies he graduated to a real one in adult life, at Cumberland River, Vic Cumberland river 1973

This little chap also photographed in Minyip in 1963 never graduated past make believe which no doubt made him a better swimmer.Stephen with pipe

and finally some fence sitting in Castlemaine, Vic about 1946 – Bertie’s family were our only neighbours and although we went to different schools we spent a lot of our play time together. I’m obviously all dressed up ready to go out somewhere – the bow in the hair, the cream pleated skirt (which would have been on a bodice), as I’m covered by a pinny with some very decorative frills over the shoulders!Bertie and Marcia

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11 thoughts on “Handshakes, Pipes and Fence Sitting

  1. You covered all the bases and very neatly. Nice post with enjoyable pix! Hope the swimmers continue to do well.

  2. Nice family photographs, but I’m glad the little fellow from 1963 didn’t take up pipe smoking. I’ve hardly seen a photograph of my husband’s English grandfather without a pipe in hand or mouth. Sadly but probably not surprisingly he died of lung cancer.

    • I think it’s the luck of the genes as much as the smoking. My husband smoked a pipe and still going strong in his late seventies.His father was a cigar smoker and live to 94.

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