Sepia Saturday – July 12th 2014 – Strange Headgear

Although I have sat under a hair dryer often, there are no photographs to record this  or curling rags or butterfly clips so I’m settling for the last alternative in this week’s theme – strange headgear. Malcolm Boyd (1878-1947) was a farmer at Kellalac near Warracknabeal in Victoria. When he retired from the farm, after living in Warracknabeal and Surrey Hills in Melbourne for a short time, he eventually settled in Geelong – living at 3 Nantes St in Newtown. This photograph, taken by a street photographer, catches him walking down a shopping street, all dressed up in suit, collar and tie, but he has chosen to wear what I think would be called a pith helmet on his head.Malcolm Boyd I have always asked 2 questions of this photo – where was it taken? – is it in Warracknabeal before he left the area? maybe in Pakington Street, Geelong West; or maybe in Melbourne. I have never found any reference to the Piccadilly Cafe in my researching. And why did he choose this headgear? – I don’t believe it would have been common in suburbia in the late thirties, early forties.

We can leave this puzzle now and take a peek at the other offerings that may be closer to the theme at SS July 12


14 thoughts on “Sepia Saturday – July 12th 2014 – Strange Headgear

  1. Love the photo – and what’s more it reminded me that me and my brother used to have a pith helmet. I even think we have a photo of my father wearing it – and I now wish I had looked that one out and used it. Still, knowing Sepia Saturday, there will be another opportunity at some time in the future.

  2. Sure is a strange headgear for a stroll downtown, but I have one of them on a shelf in my garage. Hubby bought it for a murder mystery costume, but he loves it on hot days out in the yard working!

  3. Piccadilly Cafe. Geelong, west side of Moorabool St, between Ryrie and Lt Malop Sts but closer to Lt Malop St. Girl in Geelong High School uniform with white summer hat. Black felt hat in winter.g

  4. Apart from the brim, that helmet isn’t too different in shape from a hair dryer anyway, so it’s not surprising you thought of it here!

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