Sepia Saturday August 23rd 2014 National Dress

Of all our ancestors it seems the Scottish traditions have lasted the longest. Even today in Australia there are Highland Gatherings all around the country where events such as caber tossing and tug of war still take place, as well as traditional dance competitions, and of course lots of bagpipe music.

Allan Boyd, the first Chieftain of the Caledonian society in Minyip was born in Scotland in 1851, but emigrated so young he would have no memory of it. Here he is photographed with his sons John Alexander and WilliamAllna Boyd & sons

Another son Malcolm was photographed separately
Boyd Malcolm son of Alan

Allan’s sons  had a reputation as fine pipers and were often called on to play at weddings.

They all were members of the Minyip Pipe Band

Minyip Pipe Band 1

 and look as though they are having a very jolly time in this photo IMG_0014The first Highland Gathering was held in Minyip in 1906. This photo is of the gathering the next year.Minyip Highland Gathering 1907

Allan’s daughter’s Elizabeth Jane and Selina also donned traditional dress for festive occasions.Eliz Jane Boyd 1908 Selina BoydIn the other branch of the family the next generation of children were also being dressed in kilts and all the trimmings. Brothers George Roy & Henry Murdoch Penny abt 1912George Roy & Henry Murdoch Penny

and their cousin Barbara Cowan in 1907Barbara Cowan

And Allan Boyd’s great grand daughter was still carrying on the tradition into the 1950’s, over 100 years after he emigrated from Scotland.Shelley

I may have gone out on limb here with my photos of National Dress you will probably find more intriguing Fan Tales on the Sepia Saturday site at SS Aug 23


11 thoughts on “Sepia Saturday August 23rd 2014 National Dress

  1. It’s wonderful to see the Boyds in their kilts, hear about their piping and that the traditions were passed down through the generations! Kylie

    • A wonderful selection photos. Your posit has reminded me that I have one photo of a relative in a kilt and what looks like an army shirt. He was of Scottish decent. Maybe I should have blogged about this post on the the chance someone could tell me more about it………another time 🙂

  2. Your photos and descriptions of same are wonderful. A most enjoyable post! I may be prejudiced because I have a wee bit of Scottish blood running around in my veins, but it doesn’t change the fact this is a very nice post! :))

  3. I come across photos of pipers fairly regularly but until I read your post I assumed they were all from Scotland. The Scottish tartan must be the most recognized national pattern in the world just because so many Scots far from the highlands continue to keep a kilt in the closet.

  4. Not out on a limb at all. This is what Alan and I like to see – our prompts producing such a wide variety of posts. These are indeed fine photographs of which you should be proud.

  5. Such beautiful photos to have and with plent of Scottish blood and ancestral pipers I especially loved it. My great uncle used to judge Highland piping and dance…you never know, he might have been to Minyip…or maybe not.

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