Sepia Saturday Entertainers September 6th 2014

Phil Craine was not itinerant, but he was an entertainer. His older daughter Florence remembered him as having a keen interest in amateur theatricals and brass bands — he could sing and dance, and excelled in Swiss Yodelling and Russian dancing – a strange mix for a man born to Manx parents in a small country town.

With his face all darkened what he was preparing to present in the costume in this first photo is anyone’s guessRasawatte Tea CraineRasawatte Tea Tins found in Google images. Shame I don’t still have a tin to go with the image as these are very hard to come by and are well sought after by collectors.Rasawatte Tea tins

He regularly wrote and performed at local events, and here is one example of this. (Click to enlarge)Item-page-0 Item_2-page-0I think this might be the original

And this is the Aunt Sally of Phil’s songAunt Sally-page-0

He encouraged his daughter to entertain too, here at about age 10 she is preparing to show off the tricks that a pet dog can achieve. There was probably a patient audience of family members readying to watch this performance. The dog doesn’t look too excited about it, and the baby Ira looks exceedingly glum. Is that Grandpa’s mouth organ I wonder he has in his hand? I’ve always thought the backdrop in this photo looked quite exotic, somebody’s Sarong perhaps.

Florence and dog tricksFlorence went on to become a primary School Teacher and produced many a school concert. When we finally cleared out the old home, out in the former laundry were boxes and boxes of costumes she would have designed and spent a fair amount of time assembling, along with a willing band of mothers.

Please join me and maybe we might see some minstrels who do wander at SS entertainers


10 thoughts on “Sepia Saturday Entertainers September 6th 2014

  1. I agree! What fun it must have been finding & going through those boxes of costumes. I’d be curious to know what baby Ira was supposed to do with that harmonica? My maternal grandfather & uncle were named Ira. You don’t see that name very often.

    • Hadn’t even thought of the mustache, The places he lists in the sketch – not sure they have any significance – just names of nearby localities. But then if they were places he performed that would make him more or less itinerant – he’d come home to sleep in his own bed each night.

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