Sepia Saturday 13th September 2014 – Drinking

My photo this week comes from the family albums dated 1964.

Three ‘men’ share some drinking time together – my father, my husband and our son, who would have been not quite 2 years old when this photo was taken. Dad, Stephen and KP drinkingLittle boys always want to be like Daddy or Grandpa – happily he is not also clutching a cigarette! Today of course it would be called bonding. The observant (or maybe those of a certain age) among you might have noted he is drinking from a Tupperware glass which came in several pastel shades.  I wonder what I was drinking – Pimms and lemonade maybe or some white wine called Est, or maybe some Barossa Pearl?  No whisky in this photo though – I don’t like it so my husband doesn’t have to share, but then I don’t have to share my bubbly either.

Drinking was only one aspect of this week’s theme so by entering below you may find someone not drinking at all, but lurking or posing  SS Sep 13th Drinking


17 thoughts on “Sepia Saturday 13th September 2014 – Drinking

  1. I haven’t been to a Tupperware party in ages, but still have 3 of those original tall slender Tupperware glasses complete with the snap-on lids, as well as the smaller glasses in red, yellow, green, & blue – also with snap-on lids. AND I still have the original large green salad bowl with cover. Every once in a while at a potluck somewhere I come across someone else who still has their big green Tupperware salad bowl too. Oh, & my handy smaller size yellow Tupperware colander with a handle gets used just about every day! Those things last forever!

  2. So cute — all the boys! I have throw away a lot of my Tupperware — it developed a peculiar chemical odor that just wouldn’t go away no matter what I tried. Pimms and lemonade sounds good, by the way.

  3. A great three-generation photo! A good thing that your son isn’t on the cigarettes or the beer 😉 I guess Tupperware was the new thing in the era but now there are so many other options I can’t bring myself to spend the $$ it costs.

  4. Such a great photo for the theme this week! I remember those tupperware cups, and I’m pretty sure my mom still has them in rotation. The glass-bottom tankards are neat too!

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