Sepia Saturday Tents 20th Sep 2014

Forty-five years ago Santa brought a play tent for the children. Here the sheriff defends his lady who quite appropriately is managing the domestic affairs.Play TentA few years later we borrowed a tent for the summer holidays and headed to Cumberland River, 150 km SW of Melbourne, Vic, on the Great Ocean Rd. an ideal place to holiday with children (and a dog) no settlement of any kind we had the run of a surf beach, small stream and a tracks in the forested hills behind us, complete with glow worm cave. For the car buffs our vehicle was an HR Holden.Tent borrowed Jan 73The next year we had our own tent, we were ahead of our time as we wanted rooms in it, so we had it made from heavy duty canvas.Tent 1 Affectionately known as the Taj, it was 18ft x 12ft with a 6×6 ft attached annexe – here was housed the ice box – a 2 door wooden cupboard – the ice went in the top section, the food went below. Every 3 days we needed to drive to the nearest town (Lorne) to buy more ice.IceBox2 Inside the tent was divided into three sections with hanging curtains that I made, girls slept one end, we slept the other and there was cooking/eating section in the centre. there were two centre poles. On one better forgotten day we arrived only to discover these two poles had not been packed!!

Some years later when we were just Darby and Joan we downsized to this frame tent. which we gave a try out in a civilized environment  The car is another Holden – VL CommodoreTent 2

We spent our 30th Wedding Anniversary touring Tasmania.

Tent 2_2And then we decided to do some serious off road touring and needed something smaller so went to a centre pole only model – after a trial run in the mountains of North East Victoria we did an East West crossing of the Continent- Byron Bay in NSW  to Steep Point. in WA. It took four weeks and we travelled in a Jeep Cherokee. Tent 3On the banks of the Hardy River near Paraburdoo, Western Australia.

And then the ageing process hit us and arthritic knees and bodies that didn’t enjoy sleeping on the ground decided us to go caravanning instead.

For more tales of adventure involving tents go toSS Tents


11 thoughts on “Sepia Saturday Tents 20th Sep 2014

  1. Maybe part of the fun of camping is actually setting up the tent. I don’t know ~ My brother-in-law and sister-in-law go camping for weeks at a time, but they have a camper (or caravan as you say). We have visited them when they camped within driving distance, and I must admit, it is very relaxing sitting out under the trees.

  2. Call me silly, but I just love everything there is to camping! Okay I never got to camp as a child, but once I was the mother, we did it all the time, and still do. Must bring up the grandchildren with all that glory right?!

  3. What great, big tents you had! I began camping in the mountains with my family when I was 7 years old and loved doing it for many years to come. But with age comes other things besides arthritis – which thankfully I have escaped so far. But other things, like having to get up in the middle of the night and make your way to the outhouse praying you don’t meet a bear on the way, can diminish the thrill of camping a bit! I never actually met one, but I did see one sitting a little ways off as I hurried back to my tent at 0:dark 30 in the morning once, & that was close enough for me! And I don’t know about Wendy, but setting up the tent, in my opinion, is definitely not “part of the fun of camping”? The faster that tent is up and the camp laid out, the sooner you can get to the beach where the real fun begins!

  4. I have cousins who have always camped and they now have all the bits and pieces necessary for camping. They also tend to set up in one spot for a week or so rather than pack up and move on each day. They love it but I’m betting they buy a caravan when they’re older.

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