Sepia Saturday 27th Sep 2014 Motor bikes

In the fifties my husband as a student in Melbourne, Vic bought himself a second hand Lambretta and paid 90 pounds for it. Obviously I was more interested in the lad than the scooter when I took this photo.KPand of course we have been reminiscing about the fun we had on this scooter and pondering which model it was. The nearest we could find was this advertisement in a paper in 1951.1951 Ad in Australia-page-0

Thirty years later our son who was also a student  at the same university in Melbourne travelled the highway between Geelong and Melbourne on this Kawasaki, well loaded with cricket gear and trumpet.SPWhen our daughter joined him up there sometimes she got a ride too. Here their departure is being supervised by our Beagle cross Katie. Katie’s ability to recognize the throb of this motor always amazed us – 10 or 15 minutes before Stephen would roll into the drive on his bike she would be sitting at the door waiting for him.S & SPAnd here they are almost twenty years earlier having a practice on an unidentified bike belonging to a visiting cousin. Larraine's scooter June 67Now choose your preferred method to scoot on over to Sepia Saturday to view other interpretations of the themeSS


12 thoughts on “Sepia Saturday 27th Sep 2014 Motor bikes

  1. Our son is also a Steven. He was born in the UK but move to Adelaide 6 years ago. We had several pets when he was a boy but his favourite of them all was a beagle called Kelly. Kelly always let us know when Steven was about 10 minutes away from home, he would proceed to the front door, lay down with his head on his paws wagging his tail like mad

  2. I love the photo of your husband and daughter! I know we have photos like that of me and my father on his motorcycle – he’d take me just down the road and back, but I remember it fondly.

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