Horse Drawn Vehicles

Two farmers stop to have an ‘animated discussion’ about wheat yields or some such thing – Emanuel Penny had a large horse team to get his bagged wheat to the depot from his property near Minyip, Vic.Emanuel's team2I’ve featured the honeymoon couple in this charabanc driving up Mt Wellington in Tasmania in an earlier post. mt-wellington-rideBut why this out house was being driven along a street in Minyip is anyone’s guess but would have been sure to provoke some animated discussion with anyone who noted it passing byMinyip procession 1936Sometimes there were no animals – just the cart being used to pose a family group. Persons in this photo have never been clearly identified but they would all have a connection to the Penny family in the Wimmera. Obviously the families had gathered for a special occasion and the children had been sent out to play when some one took this lovely photo of them all.Penny cousins abt 1913More interpretations on this theme will be found atSS horse drawn cart


11 thoughts on “Horse Drawn Vehicles

  1. Excellent family history photographs for this week’s subject. i suppose they had to transport an outhouse somehow, unless they just erected it on the spot.

  2. Are the people moving the outhouse wearing bags over their heads? If so, I don’t blame them! HA. It does remind me of a port-a-potty being delivered to a festival.

  3. As Wendy mentioned, any time there’s to be a festival somewhere, you’ll find trucks carting a bunch of porta-potties to the site. Funny thing – I used to date a guy who’s father invented a certain type of Port-a-Potty used mostly for camping. As others are commenting, the outhouse photo is the most fun, but all are interesting. It’s too bad, however, because of the length of time it took to capture an image back then, people couldn’t smile – especially in the photo of the children.

  4. Some really interesting photos on theme here. I still can’t get over that one of the honeymooners going up Mt Wellington. That would have been quite a challenge – particularly if you were sitting up high. Glad it wasn’t me!

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